Sontronics Helios

Sontronics Helios
Variable-pattern valve condenser mic

With a complete low-end response and a smooth, beautifully detailed high-end presence, Sontronics HELIOS is designed to give perfectly accurate results but with the classic characteristic warmth of valve circuitry, thanks to its 12AX7/ECC83 vacuum tube.

Using a sensitive 35mm capsule isolated by a latex mount within the large grille, HELIOS ensures total precision in your recording. Its design allows you to transparently position your subject within a mix without having to resort to heaps of EQ and processing to do the job for you. It comes in a wooden box inside an aluminium flightcase with its SPS-1 power supply, mic cable and power cable.

The polar pattern is sweepable from figure-of-eight to omni-directional and everything in between, making HELIOS one of the most flexible microphones available in any class.

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