Augspurger GA-215V

Augspurger GA-215V

Based on classic and proven George Augspurger designs found in the world’s
best studios, today’s Augspurgers have been evolved forward to a modern high performance studio monitoring solution. The new Augspurgers use proprietary technology including drivers, active D-Class amplifiers and software DSP control for EQ, time-alignment, crossover and phase. New cabinet shapes, sizes and power-engines have also been deployed. All systems are all based around George’s legendary radial horn design. Classic Augspurger monitors are well known for high SPL playback, aka the “boom” factor. While these new systems can certainly rattle your ribcage, they are ultra-high definition, providing a stunningly transparent soundstage for critical mixing or mastering decisions. Using the active DSP, your system can be dialed-in to your control-room to be reference-flat.

Yes, you can still get the flush-mounted, horn-loaded, dual 15” cabinets
of legend. However, many modern control-room environments cannot
accommodate a large, soffited cabinet. That’s why Augspurger has created a
whole new line of floor-standing, vertical cabinet systems. From 2 X 12 to 1 X 15
and 2 X15, with or without subwoofers, we’ve designed and streamlined the
monitors to fit in to almost any space, making any control-room an “Augspurger room.”

Consistency and quality:
Over the years there have been numerous so-called
DIY “Augspurger systems,” many of which perform well and sound excellent –
many of which are simply loud. During the past 12 years, Augspurger Monitors
has developed a predictable, repeatable, resettable and consistent way of
delivering the amazing Augspurger sound. The systems are designed and built in
Massachusetts by master craftsmen, insuring they meet Augspurger’s goldstandard.
With the implementation of active DSP, not only can a system be tuned
to your room, that tuning can then be stored, saved, recalled and reset. Multiple
tunings can be saved for different styles of music, different applications, or even
different engineer’s tastes.

Augspurger offers four different subwoofer cabinets: Single 12, Dual 12, Single
18 and Dual 18. Powered by a PAD Class-D 1000w active DSP amp, frequencies
below 20hz are generated with ease.

The quick answer is yes! Augspurger Monitors is essentially a
custom-shop that can build to fit any solution. You can get cabinets without the
amps, amps without the cabinets, custom cabinet sizes, tower systems, even
custom finishes. The gallery of systems we’ve created is sizable, and literally no
two of them are the same.

To schedule a demo or get pricing contact Pro Audio Distribution.

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