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LIFETIME WARRANTY - Register now and get your Sontronics microphone protected for life

Sontronics products are renowned for their reliability, and we reflect that by offering a no-fuss LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our current microphones when you register your mic with us.

All of our products – microphones, cables, preamps, popshields, PAD/PHASE accessory and power supplies for our valve mics – are covered by a standard two-year warranty from the date of purchase. However, for our microphones you can upgrade this to a free Lifetime Warranty, by registering your details with us within 30 days of purchase (see right).

The warranty covers only the first purchaser of each product when purchased new from an authorised Sontronics dealer and relates to manufacturing defects. If you discover a problem, please contact your local distributor and we will arrange to service and repair the microphone free of charge if the problem is found to be due to a fault in manufacturing.

If the problem is discovered to be due to mis-handling or abuse of the microphone, so not covered by the Lifetime Warranty, we'll let you know how much the repair and servicing will cost.

Accidental damage: Of course, if you have dropped or knocked your microphone (don't worry, we know it happens!) and damaged any external or internal parts, we can repair and service your microphone within the terms of our Lifetime Warranty. Please bear in mind that if you try to fix or replace parts yourself, you will invalidate your warranty. Keep it simple and contact us for prices of new accessories or to repair damaged parts or components.

Ribbon mics: As stated in the User Guide that comes with all our ribbon mics (Sigma, Delta, Apollo), ribbons experience wear and tear through their lifetime, and so are not able to be covered by the Lifetime Warranty. Think of ribbons like car tyres: how frequently you use the car and how hard you push your tyres will determine how often they need to be replaced.

If you accidentally damage your ribbon (by not following the instructions in the User Guide) or if you find the sound of your ribbon microphone changes over time due to the ribbon stretching, we will be happy to carry out a ribbon replacement for you at a fixed cost of £65 (includes all parts, labour and VAT) plus return postage. All part of the Sontronics service!


• The SONTRONICS Lifetime Warranty covers all Sontronics microphones introduced since 2008 (ie, not our discontinued STC-5) and our ULTIMA cables against any manufacturing defect or fault.
• The Lifetime Warranty only applies to the first purchaser of a new product from an authorised dealer. It is strictly non-transferable.
• The Lifetime Warranty MUST be activated within 30 days of purchase by using the form or emailing us direct with the model and serial number of the microphone or cable, date and place of purchase, registration number (if there is a card in the box) and your contact details (name, email, daytime telephone number).
• If the Lifetime Warranty is not activated within 30 days of purchase, it will only be covered by our standard two-year warranty.
• Any tampering with the product by the owner (opening the mic casing, removing or changing any parts including capsules and valves, trimming the cables) will invalidate your warranty.
If you need to get your product serviced or repaired, you should first contact the store where you bought your product or contact your local distributor who will arrange returns, repairs and replacements.
• The owner is reponsible for postage costs to and from their local distributor or direct to and from Sontronics HQ.
• If the problem is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty, the owner will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or service.
• When we receive the product, we will decide if the repair/service is covered by the warranty. If not, the owner will be informed of the potential cost before any work is carried out.
• Ribbons in our Apollo, Sigma and Delta microphones are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.
• It is expected that with average use, you will need to replace the ribbon every 2 years. Contact us direct to arrange to get your ribbon replaced and the microphone cleaned and serviced.
• Preamps are covered by a standard two-year warranty.



VALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY - to upgrade your standard 2-year warranty to a Sontronics Lifetime Warranty fill in the form below within 30 days of purchase

Please fill in the form below to activate your SONTRONICS Lifetime Warranty. If you have more than one Sontronics product, send another form.


Email address

Phone number

Mic/cable model

Serial number
cables don't have a serial number

Date purchased

Where purchased

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If you have any queries about your
SONTRONICS microphone, preamp or
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Email your query to
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